The formation of the Probus movement was generally inspired by members of Rotary International, in our case the Rotary Club of Twickenham, who sought to satisfy the need arising from its members upon retirement.   Many then found themselves wanting regular contact with others outside their home environment and  valued the opportunity to meet  those who were in similar circumstances .



The working background of our members is diverse and includes professionals and business men and many others from a wide variety of backgrounds and from all walks of life.   Membership is open to men aged 50 & over.  There are currently in excess of 40 members.   This has created an unparalleled atmosphere amongst our members, all of whom gain in the richness and depth of newly found friendships which is evident at our regular lunch meetings.


There are three main events in the year when wives and partners are especially welcome to enjoy our fellowship and good company and excellent dining facilities.  These are firstly our informal yearly Annual Dinner held in March, the ever popular Ladies Lunch held during the month of August and our traditional Christmas Lunch.


The Club is autonomous and creates its own rules.   It is not a registered charity but it does manage to support a variety of local charities by way of donations which are raised at monthly raffles.





President:  David Richardson

Vice President:                  

Immediate Past President:  Barry Buttenshaw

Secretary:  Geoff Brown      

Treasurer:  David Richardson

Speaker's Secretary:  Paul Kershaw

Committee Members:  David Mayne

                                    Michael Frazer

                                    Lawrie Jones

                                    Ray  Dyer              



Website Manager:  Michael Frazer      


Social Meetings Organiser:  David Mayne






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